There's no comparing the taste of X-1 to any other pre-workout formula out there; with the exception of BITCH SLAP.. This formula tastes amazing! X-1 is one of the most powerful Pre-Workout powders on the market which requires you to only mix one small scoop in 8oz. of water. That's it. Combine non-stop energy, extreme muscle pumps, enhanced strength and laser focus with the best taste anywhere and you have the KING of  Pre-Workouts !





- Ingredients hit you Hard and Fast.
- It’s Strong and Concentrated !
- Small Single Scoop in 8oz. of water.
- Great Tasting Flavor !
- Laser  Focus

- Insane Muscle Pumps

- Boosts Testosterone

- Explosive Energy

X-1 is an extremely effective pre-workout powder that gives you insane energy and unbelievable skin tearing muscle pumps! With the potent nature of this product your workouts with be more effective and yield greater results!

This is not your average preworkout! BITCH SLAP contains twenty of the most potent preworkout ingredients on the market; per scoop. 

WARNING: Caffeine is dosed at 400mg per scoop!  

Why chose BITCH SLAP over other preworkout products on the market you ask? Because with the exception of X-1 no other preworkout products delivers workout crushing energy and crazy muscle PUMPS like BITCH SLAP!  

Plus lets be real, sometimes your Bitch Ass needs a slap...